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Dave Kurlan

Originally posted to Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force blog

Last week I wrote a revealing article which showed that Sales Managers are even worse than I thought when it comes to coaching their salespeople. That article stimulated this great conversation on LinkedIn . Following that article I dug further into the same 9,000 rows of data to look at the role that tenure and experience have on sales management effectiveness. Who do you think are more effective - newer or more experienced sales managers?

Originally posted to Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force blog

I mined Objective Management Group (OMG) data and compared salespeople who have been with their company for 10 years or more, with salespeople who have been with their company for five years or less. Theoretically, the veteran salespeople should be better and stronger in every way. But are they? Let's take a look and then let's discuss exactly what we are seeing and why.

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There is one simply thing you can do each day that will dramatically improve your sales effectiveness. But you don't think it's possible to do what the title says, do you? Well, it is not only possible, it's crucial - and not only that you do it, but that you do it often and start doing it today. Okay, so maybe I'm not talking about driving a car. Maybe the stop signs and red lights I'm talking about are in your head. But that doesn't make them any less real. As a matter of fact, you probably stop at more signs each day because of what you think, than you ever encounter when you're behind the wheel. I'll explain.


Originally posted to Dave Kurlan's Understanding the Sales Force blog
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I am amazed by the sheer number of salespeople who believe they must respond to an RFP, RFQ or RFI. The resources, including people, time and money, required to respond to the specs from just one of these requests is daunting. Some companies have so many requests coming in that they spend all of their time responding to them. This is crazy! Do you respond to every email you receive? Every call you get? After all, it's a request, not a demand. So why the frenzy over responding and replying so quickly? You won't believe some of the reasons!

Speaking of sales performance, Objective Management Group has a very cool new tool that you can use to see how your salespeople compare with other salespeople in your industry or with all salespeople.

The economy is doing well, unnecessary regulations have been rolled back, the stock market is soaring, unemployment is low, consumer confidence is up, manufacturing has returned, companies are investing in the American economy, businesses are confident about the future and tax cuts are about to make paychecks bigger for about 90% of all Americans. What will consumers do with that extra money? They'll spend it of course! As a result of these positive developments, what should you expect to happen from a sales perspective in 2018?